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Really good. I couldn't believe how easy it was! I am really so impressed I just had to write! Thank you.
I.W. Bury
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T.S. Lincoln
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What you need to form your new company right now:
  • A company name - a name that has not been taken by another live company (if the name has been previously used by a 'Dissolved' company then the name is available for you to use). Click here to check your name now.
  • An address - to use as the official 'Registered Office' - our system will offer you a prestigious W1 London based mailing address if you need one, or you can enter an address of your own
  • A minimum of 1 person - to act as a director and shareholder. Having a Company Secretary is optional. For each person you will need to enter;
    Full name, Address, Date of birth, Nationality, Names and registration numbers of any other UK Limited companies they are directors of (if any). Click here to check registration numbers for companies if you need to.
  • Shareholders - the shareholders can be the directors, or any one else. The shareholders own the company. For each shareholder you will need to enter;
    Full name, Address
  • Your credit card - we also accept PayPal.
  • An email address - we will email you confirmations and you will be asked to choose a password so that you can also login to our system at any time and check progress.

That's it. If you have all the above - click below and you can have a new company in a few hours. Any questions before you start? Contact Us

What name can I choose for when I form a company?
The name you choose cannot be exactly the same as any other Limited company which is currently live (if there is a company which is already Dissolved which has the same name then the name should be free for you to use). The use of certain words is restricted and any name likely to cause offence are not allowed. It is important to check whether the name you want to use is very similar to any other names already on the register. If your company name is too similar to another name and could very easily be confused with another company, then the other company may make an objection at any time within the 12 months following the formation of your company, and you could be directed to change your company name.

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