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Step 1 - Registering
This just means entering your name and your email address - a telephone number is optional.
Why? This is so we can contact you if there is problem with the incorporation. Also, all the information you enter is saved so that if you don't have some information to hand, you can simply login again later and continue where you left off - no need to start all over again!

Step 2 - The Company Name
Choose the name for your new company. You cannot use a name that is already used by another live Limited company. If you want to check if the name you want is available click here to search Companies Registry now.

Step 3 - The Registered Office
Every company must have an official UK address where statutory letters can be delivered. This address can be a residential or business address. If you want to use our prestigious central London address and have mail forwarded to you, you can select this option online.

Step 4 - The Share Capital
Company ownership is divided up through shares. The shareholders own the company. At this stage you enter just the number of shares, and the value of each - this can be any figure you wish. You may like to leave the values we suggest.

Step 5 - The Personnel
The personnel will be any individual or company who will act as either a director, secretary or shareholder. At this stage you will enter their name, address and role. A minimum of 1 person is required to form a company - a Company Secretary is optional. There are no nationality or residence restrictions for company directors or Company Secretary. If you want these people to own shares in the company you enter their shareholding now.

Step 6 - Authentication
If you have ever formed a company using the old paper based method then you will be aware that anyone appointed into a company must sign something at some point. This is where we authenticate the previously entered personnel. Obviously we can’t take a physical signature so we are required instead to provide digital signatures. A digital signature is three pieces of personal information relating to each member of personnel.

Step 7 - Additional Items
Before you place your order you may like to review our related products and services. Many of the prices have been reduced from their normal retail price. You can easily add or remove items here and the price will adjust accordingly.

Once you have completed payment, your application will be marked as paid and will be reviewed and processed by an administrator. The documents are then formatted and sent electronically to Companies House, your application will then be assessed by Companies House and subject to acceptance we will receive a digital certificate of incorporation for your company in around 4 hours and email it to you. The remaining documents will then be posted to you first class.

If for any reason the application fails we can resubmit as many times as required without further charge.
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